DietCheck – the ration formulation software that puts you in control of your feeding decisions

DietCheck makes the creation of diets easy, using the latest scientific animal nutritional models, it’s a precise piece of software used by agricultural professionals to feed millions of animals across the globe. So, whether you’re checking existing diets, hand mixing formulations, trying to optimise performance or creating a cost-effective solution, rations can be formulated at the touch of a button. The software can be configured as a stand-alone system or as a network version and all packages are customisable. A new feature available allows the user to create labels for nutritional guidance on product packing.

DietCheck for Farmers

A flexible software system to manage fluctuating inputs, generating cost effective and productive diets.
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DietCheck for Veterinary Professions

Software that manages complex dietary needs, to improve animal health.
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DietCheck for Nutritionists and Consultants

Trusted software to help you manage complex diets and multiple clients.
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DietCheck for Agricultural Students & Lecturers

Complex software made simple to use supporting you on your learning journey.
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The team at DietCheck have over 20 years’ experience providing simple, effective nutritional software. This offers farmers, vets, nutritionists and consultants guidance for feeding dairy cows, dairy youngstock, beef and suckler cattle, pigs and poultry.

We’re confident that DietCheck will help you to optimise yields and increase your profitability. Don’t just take our word for it – why not hear what some of our customers have to say…

“DietCheck allows me to incorporate homegrown forage values to formulate the best ingredients for my blends. It also gives me the ability to adjust diets for maximum performance at the lowest cost.”
Andrew Griffiths
“DietCheck is simple to use and not overly complicated, even thought there is a huge amount of flexible data in there. I absolutely love the “What if” function which allows you to compare diets, I use that every day and wouldn’t be without it.”
Wesley Haberson
The Farm Consultancy Group
“DietCheck is a very important piece of software for Carrs Billington. We have 55 licenses and it’s an essential tool for our team. It’s used every day both on the farm and in the office to maximise farm feed efficiency.”
Jimmy Goldie
Carrs Billington
“I have recently started using a new feature for mineral formulation - the MinVit editor. It’s a fast and easy way to calculate a bespoke mineral formulation. DietCheck allows me to quickly upload the lab forage mineral analysis and from there I can view the whole diet for that client to evaluate bespoke mineral requirements.”
David Howard
Wynnstay Group PLC
“DietCheck is really flexible allowing you to formulate basic diets for some clients or to really drill down into detailed information for others. With an understanding of the cows being fed DietCheck is really good at pinpointing any issues on farm.”
Debby Brown
Dugdale Nutrition

Software Support

Our software team all hail from farming and nutrition backgrounds to give you the best support possible. Our support services are via the telephone, email and on our website.
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Team Viewer

We use TeamViewer for the remote support of DietCheck customers. Using TeamViewer's built-in capabilities, we'll be able to work with you to resolve issues and if necessary we can see what you're seeing, talk you through issues or even remote control your DietCheck software.
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Training and Knowledge

Our training sessions are bespoke to our customers whether through one to one support or tailored for the whole company. We offer training both online and on-site, delivered by our Specialists who are knowledgable in both software and ruminant nutrition.
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Putting you in control of your feeding decisions

Precise feeding and analysis

Backed by years of research and experience our software uses the latest feed and scientific algorithm’s to ensure the best results for you and your clients. Analyse current and future diets with great accuracy.

Optimising animal health and performance

Our software hands our client’s the ability to maximise the health and performance of their animals, whether dairy, beef, pig or poultry.

Grows with industry developments

We are constantly updating DietCheck software to ensure you’re kept up-to-date  with the latest industry developments. You also have the ability to import your own algorithms and feed software.

Flexible Software

DietCheck has a number of versions for selection to expand to the size and type of your business. We also have bespoke packages available, please just ask our friendly team.

Time Saving

DietCheck enables you to formulate diets for multiple clients at the click of a button. It saves our client’s a huge amount of time which can then be spent improving other areas of their business.

Cost effective

Not only is our software cost effective through its time saving, it also allows our clients to select the most costs effective diets. That doesn’t mean reduced performance. By looking at available feeds and costs, the software allows you to feed for less with maximum output...

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