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DietCheck - the nutrition system that puts you in control of your feeding decisions

At DietCheck, we are dedicated to making the creation of diets as easy, scientific and precise as possible.  Whether it be checking existing diets, hand mixing formulations or using Optimisation, rations can be created with just a few clicks of the mouse.  What's more, the feed databases and the models underpinning animal requirements are from published scientific calculations so you can be sure of their pedigree.  DietCheck is used successfully to feed millions of animals worldwide.

David Howard web 80x110
I have been using DietCheck for over two years now and found the package very user friendly and easy to get to grips with having previously used a different formulation package for four years. The interface flows in a logical way - set clients up, set cow up, add feeds and formulate which made the change over hassle free.

My role with the company requires me to interact with multiple business's both within the Devenish group and across our customer base in the UK and Ireland to provide everything from dairy cow diets, to mineral formulations, feed formulations for compound mills to new product setups. I compile all these with ease through DietCheck.

I particularly like the "What-If" function which allows you to make potential changes to a diet and see what effect that is likely to have on cow performance all on one split screen.

Overall I have found the programme very flexible and easy to customise which perfectly suits the wide and varied needs of our business - a powerful tool, essential for all aspects of modern day ruminant nutrition.

David Howard 
Devenish Nutrition - Ruminant Technical Sales Advisor
We have always felt nutrition of the cows was one of the most important aspects of dairy farming, if you get that right everything else falls into place. Once understanding the basics of nutrition with the help of a few courses and books, I felt we could do better than relying on trade for nutritional advice. However, in house formulation needs a good computer programme to take the grunt out of the job and DietCheck has been invaluable in enabling us to explore the use of different feeds and get the best formulation to fit our homegrown forage.

Being able to tweak the diet and vary the inputs depending on costs, availability and more regular silage analysis enabled us to feed the cows so much better than we ever had before. I think getting this right and being able to constantly monitor it lead to the cows performing well, and having very little in the way of milk fever, calving problems, dirty cows, DA's, ketosis, fertility problems etc.

The DietCheck programme itself is easy to use, and very flexibile, I have only got the basic version which is more than enough for our needs, with the "What-If" function a brilliant tool. I think the purchase of DietCheck was probably one of the most cost effective things we ever did in our 30 years of dairy farming.       

Cathy Sprackling- Dairy Farmer


Matthew Armstrong 80x110
I find DietCheck a great tool as feeding and nutrition is one of the most important factors in efficient dairy production. DietCheck is an essential programme to improve feed efficiency and nutrition. The programme provides information to ensure the ration is specifically formulated for the animal's requirement through effective diet formulation. The DietCheck programme promotes feed efficiency for yield, quality and profit. My nutritional understanding of all aspects of rumen function alongside my understanding of cow ration formulation and the nutrient supply of different feedstuffs has been greatly enhanced since I have used DietCheck. Also, forage planning in terms of feed budgeting and analysis of feed is at the touch of a button giving me an extra edge, helping in the development of customer relations.  
Matthew Armstrong
Fane Valley - Ruminant Technical Specialist
Eva Griffin 80x110
As a Ruminant Nutritionist, the DietCheck program brings a new level of professionalism and accuracy to my communication and interaction with my customer, the farmer. The reports that can be pulled up are what stand out for me. The Multiple Report and Multiple group report specifically. When a farmer has freshly calved cows coming into the herd in the Spring and cow numbers are changing every day, the multiple report is a quick way to figure out how much to feed on that particular day. In these times of challenging milk and cattle prices, the "What-If" option is a great way to do simple least cost comparison and compare diets on their nutritional value. Also, the DietCheck help option is a straightforward approach to explaining complicated nutritional terms. I use the program every day with great ease and would be lost without it.                        
Eva Griffin 
Keenan Group - Internation inTouch Feeding Specialist   


Conan Condon 80x110
I have been working with Jonathan, William and the team in DietCheck for more than 10 years. We introduced DietCheck initially into our Irish and UK nutrition teams. We quickly saw the benefits of the system from the stability and ease of use. We now have forty plus nutritionists using it across the world. All the feedback we get from our nutrition team is very positive. If we need to introduce any new developments to tie in with our ever changing business we can always rely on DietCheck to adapt the technology to our needs. The service and support we get from DietCheck is excellent. They are always at the end of the phone, they respond to emails and technical issues immediately. I would highly recommend them to anyone. 
Conan Condon
Keenan Group - inTouch Director
Debby Brown 80x110
As a veterinary nutritionist using DietCheck I find the programme extremely useful. With common sense and understanding of the cows being fed the program is very accurate and with the expected response of the diets calculated then occuring on farm. The programme is user friendly and well laid out to allow easy use and understanding. As well as being accurate in designing and planning feeds and diets for farm use it also allows an obvious check for diets already being fed on farm and why they might be or might not be working as expected. It works well from the point of view of understanding rumen function and manipulating this from paper to animal. 
Debby Brown - BVMS GPcertFAP MRCVS
Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care - Technical Manager


Pete Davis web 80x110
As a business we strive to be as professional as possible and that extends to all of the software and tools that we use on farm. It is important that our sales guys can send us diets without complicated email protocols if they require assistance, but also they need to be able to send them to clients via email easily and with the ability to add notes, which DietCheck allows them to do.

From a more technical point of view it allows me to monitor my diets to whatever level of complexity I require and is also very easy for me to adjust matrix values and library feeds to enable accurate diet design.

Recently the addition of the capability to add different cost sets and to demonstrate the cost of diets to the farmer in a number of ways has proved to be very beneficial to achieving buy-in from the client in a world where diet performance is under scrutiny more than ever. 

Pete Davis
Crediton Milling - Ruminant Nutritionist
James Hague
I have used DietCheck from its inception, through many different versions and have seen it evolve with the needs of the user and the needs of the industry. DietCheck sets the gold standard, the reference point for recommendations on farm. Just as important are the people behind the program who have responded to our changing needs and provided excellent technical support. 
James Hague
Lloyd's Animal Feeds
Juile Sargent 1520x2070
DietCheck is a rationing tool which is flexible and easy to use. The diets can be tailored to the experience of the user, and for the complexities of the farm feeding situation. It can accommodate both multiple straights for TMR use and premixes. The cost and "What-If" comparisons help to get the best nutrition at the most favourable cost.                       
Julie Sargent
Carrs Billington - Ruminant Nutritionist


Trish Lewis 80x110
I have been using DietCheck for about 10 years and have found it to be a useful tool. I find it very easy to use and, the support from Jonathan has been good on the odd occasion where it has been needed. It is well adapted for pasture based dairy systems in New Zealand, with allowances for walking and for a variation in temperature and humidity. The ability to save the farmer’s pasture and silage analyses for future diets saves time and the flexibility to print as much or as little in the report as the farmer wants to see is useful. Overall, it is a tool which saves me time and gives me more confidence in the feeding recommendations I make on farm. 
Trish Lewis
Consultant Nutritionist, New Zealand
Lew Ringrose 80x110
We’ve used DietCheck software now for more than 5 years at our Feedmill in Northland, New Zealand and have found it to be a most useful tool when formulating feed for our local farmers. It is exceptional in presenting to customers compound feed reports showing nutrients, analysis and least cost. We also appreciate having Dr Julian Waters as local support of DietCheck.
Lew Ringrose
Ringrose Stockfoods Ltd.- Managing Director

DietCheck Mission Statement

At DietCheck, we are dedicated to making the creation of diets as easy, scientific and precise as possible. Whether it be checking existing diets, hand mixing formulations or using Optimisation, rations can be created with just a few clicks of the mouse. What's more, the feed databases and the models underpinning animal requirements are from published scientific calculations so you can be sure of their pedigree. DietCheck is used successfully to feed millions of animals worldwide.

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